The Soren Incident and The Marked Boy in Peril

The Mennonites attack the party. Nearby Kantalar’s brother is with some of the Mennonite troops. He sees the group arrive magically and recognizes them immediately as the friends that his brother spoke to him about the previous evening. They are engaging the Mennonites and it is very suspicious that the command from the officers is given so quickly to attack. Antir puts up an illusory wall to help protect Kantalar’s friends but strangely this is seen, by these same officers, as an act of aggression. In reality it could have worked in either groups favour. But really Antir is trying to buy some time for the Company of the Dragon to co-ordinate themselves. Forced to act to protect himself Antir move to the side of the CotD. Anyway the battle resolves itself and the Eladrin forces win this battle easily. Now the party must negotiate with the Eladrin. Sierka and Antir convince the Eladrin that something else is going on and they give them an Elvish guide named Sapphire to watch them and help the party.

On our way back to Soren we pass by a normal farm cottage with a barn and there is this weird Gnome there who asks for our help to get his cat off the top of the barn with a grain silo. Sapphaire climbs up and falls through the roof and into the grain. Things get pretty tense as Sapphire begins to drown in the grain. Thoradin ends up in there as well trying to swim but the problem is Dwarves cannot swim. Showing remarkable ingenuity Sierka pulls some levers and the grain pours out of the silo and into the barn saving Sapphire and Thoradin. Sapphire is not looking good and is in desperate need of rest. The gnomish person is very grateful and gives us a little flute/whistle and says if we ever need help to just blow and it will come.

We make our way to Soren to find the duke. Antir knows his location because Kantalar has told him. He is at Tommnen’s house, who is Sierka’s stepfather an important trader and person in Soren. So we go there and Sierka is confident that she get us into the house. The guards are uncooperative and ask us to disarm but we refuse. Eventually, they let us in and we are dire need of a rest. Sapphire scouts around the house. The Duke’s family seems to be separated and locked in a room. The situation within the house is tense and appears as if something is not quite right. Anyway we wait around resting when we a hear somekind ritual being performed. Then we hear a commotion of a people leaving. We look out the window and see the marked boy with Tommnen and some guards. The party moves into action. Thoradin jumps out the window down to the first floor. Sapphire shimmies down a rope on the side of the building, Sierka and Altais follow. Antir casts sleep on Tommnen and the boy and the guards they are slowed, they are not going to get away. Tommnen and the boy fall asleep. More guards, a martial expert and a wizard come to the fight. It is a sprawling encounter. The party is spread out we need to gather up and focus. Sapphire is shredding the guards. Thoradin is plowing the battlefield. Altais is trying to keep up. Sierka is thinking dark thoughts about her stepfather. Antir is trying to bring everything under control. Doesn’t Altais look rather like Tommnen; an odd thought that occurs to everyone else except Sierka and Altais. Eventually, we keep the boy and find out the Duke is strapped to chair with a thorn in his back. Sierka puts her stepfather in a cupboard under the stairs. The Avendi are here in Soren and they are looking for the boy. The ritual was to protect this location from being discovered and to set up a meeting.

The duke is strapped to a blackthorn on the chair. We manage to ease his discomfort by taking the chair apart but we are not confident of dealing with the blackthorn. Maybe the Eladrin can help in this matter so Sapphire returns to ask for help and report the Dawn Invoker. Antir needs to speak with General Caleth but waits to rest. Thoradin is gripped with a growing earthsense. Sierka is plotting her stepfather’s cruel end and Altais is so vague in his conversations it is like he is not even there. Suddenly Thoradin gets up growling with rage and heads out the door. Everyone follows except Sapphire who has not returned yet. We scout around and calm Thoradin down. At specific points along ley lines the earth is being corrupted into violence. We go back to the house and wait for Sapphire to return.

On her way back Star Sapphire encounters a meeting between the Avendi and Arch-Prelate of Menon. They are discussing the marked boy, the book of Asuras and the impending battle at Soren between the Eladrin and the forces of Pharanathia. Arch-Prelate has a strange small dragon-like mount with him. The Mennonite has some plan to overwhelm the Eladrin using the earth and it will probably destroy Soren in the process. The Avendi say the marked boy is more important. They will hunt for the boy because the rendevous to hand him over did not eventuate. The party of adventurers are nothing to them, they can kill us any time. Star returns with news of the Dawn Invoker coming soon and the conversation she overhead. Thoradin already boiling with rage is compelled to act to protect the earth. Quick decisions are made we take the boy and the Duke, his Wizard, family and entourage must find there own way to safety. Off we go follwing Thoradin’s lead. We find an tent and encampment of Mennonites the party approaches and Antir speaks to them but they are strangely hostile. This is not normal behaviour but it reminds of the same attitude at the portal fight. Combat begins quickly and Thoradin rushes into the tent unable to control his rage. He confronts four large earth elementals. A ritual is being performed he disrupts it. He calms down but finds himself on the wrong side of the battle. Meanwhile the rest of the party is fighting the Mennonites. Altais is trying to get to Thoradin. Sapphire is doing her usual stabby stabby and moving around the fight effortlessly. Antir has locked the enemy down with visions of treasure, also they think they have transported to some nightmarish realm. Sierka curses them unleashes her powers of radiance and fear. The plan of the Arch-Prelate is ruined. Some of the Mennonites escape.

We are moving on… trying to figure out what to do next. North to the Eladrin is the best option as we must get the boy to safety. Then the Arch prelate arrives. He is of course another one of those Cambrian devils. We are in a battle with him and we realize the Avendi will be coming soon. He drops down gets off his mount and the battle begins. The Drake goes down quickly and reverts to statue forms. “Glory”! shouts Antir to Sierka, “the statue the keyword is glory.” It is at this time that Antir figures out the riddle on the drake statue in the party’s possession. There is nothing like the heat of battle to stimulate the mind, well for a small amount time at least. The prelate, Cambrian, is taking the hits and bursts into a flaming devilish humanoid. He flys up into the air and calls for the Avendi. Run away, run away, TPK, the Avendi are coming to play. Sierka mounts her Drake, grabs the boy and flys back to Soren. The irony of this is that Sierka does not even like children. The prelate follows teleporting his way though the party. The Avendi arrive as everyone follows Sierka. At some point in time Sapphire finds out that the Dawn Invoker is dead and feels she must report to command. Altais remembers the whistle from the little gnome and blows it real hard. The person arrives and offers to help. Thoradin has been sucked into some chaos realm and comes back with Leskin the now naked monk. Antir pings magic missile proving that its effect puny and stupid. The gnome turns into a Silver dragon and Leskin starts to fight together with him. This is the second irony of this awesome battle. Two of the Avendi are taken down and the leader flees. The Arch prelate is dead and so another one bites the dust.

Now what do we do. We go back to Soren. Sapphire goes to do her duty and report to the Eladrin. Antir goes to find general Caleth. He discovers that the streets are paved with soldiers gone mad. He brings one back and Altais heals him with delay affliction. He says he needs to get the ritual remove affliction. Thoradin, Altais and Antir work out a pyramid scheme to get the soldiers rounded up and healed by the clerics of the temples in Soren. Antir looks for general Caleth but finds him disappeared. It takes hours to get enough soldiers to control the rest of the soldiers but eventually the system is in place and working. The party is exhausted and rests for 6 hours. Meanwhile, Sapphire is with the Eladrin who are deciding to continue the attack on Soren. She informs them that the earth magic trap has been disrupted. When they arrive at dawn they find that the place is in chaos and there is no point attacking. The Eladrin help the people of Soren. Sierka and Antir speak with the Eladrin and explain much of what they have seen and heard over the last few months. The marked boy must be protected. The book of Asuras needs to be found. The Eladrin lady tells them to go to the library of Eladrin city. She also tells them that the Savage Sages might know more about the mark on the boy. She thinks he is somekind of vessel for the soul of a god. Sometimes having more information leads to more awkward questions.


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