On the Road to Rolo - A Vampire Story

The Last Adventure for…

Many refugees are leaving Hanreth after the events of the blizzard and dragon crisis. Along the road the party notices some wagon tracks going off road. We find a tree and some kind of shrine to Menon. The names of some people are found here. Thoradin looks around and sees into the distance a person and charges off in his usual dwarfy way. Paelant follows swiftly behind him. On the way they both notice the man has hung himself from a tree branch. Thoradin gets underneath him to hold him up and Paelant cuts him down. Altais is still contemplating the shrine to the people who have been lost. Paelant revives the man to health. We talk to him and find out his story. The wagon has gone off the side of a steep hill and he believes his family is dead. This why is trying to end his life. He did not have the strength to get the bodies from the ravine.

We convince him he need not die as his family would not wish it and offer to help him recover the bodies. Making our way to site with the man. Altais counsels the man. Thoradin, Paleant and Velin go down. The children are dead. The wife survived but is missing. Booted footprints are found as if someone has taken the injured woman somewhere else. Altais manages to get some more information out of the man about a figure who scared them off the road in the middle of the night because they decided not to rest in their escape from Hanreth. We tell the man about his wife and say we will find her and let him know hwat has happened.

Following the tracks and trail as best we can we arrive a woodman’s cabin and cautiously look for the owner. Eventually we talk to the orc and discover he is not unfriendly but prefers to be left alone. He directs us to the town where the men would have been travelling too. We arrive at the town, Three Oaks? We enter the pub and feel unwelcome. Paelant starts asking questions. Some mercenaries challenge him and are inimidated back into their pants. The barman is clearly disturbed and unwilling to talk no matter how hard Thoradin tries. The towns people ask us to leave but we still need to find the refugee’s wife. So we come up with a plan. Velin puts magic mouth on the inn and one on the northern entrance to the town. We set up camp outside the southern gate. During the night someone approaches the camp and we are discovered. Paelant follows the person and eventually loses them. He makes way around the northern side and rests until dawn. On the way he finds a graveyard but decides to leave it until later. Meanwhile, The others settle in for the night. Magic mouth outside the inn goes off.

Paelant sees the futility in asking the publican all over again and decides to go knock on some doors in the town. Velin tries to get behind the bar and see what is in the back. The barman’s wife comes out and tries to get Thoradin to go away. The barman is conlficted. Paelant knocks on a door. The occupants refuse to open but he manages to convince them to tell him more about what is going on. Vampires! Meanwhile, Velin has made is into the backroom and is down the stairs to the cellar. He finds sees someone strange/magical and teleports himself away as the door shuts behind him. He suspects something necromantic is involved. Paelant burst into the inn and decalres, Vampires! The barman and his wife have panicy looks on their faces. A battle begins with the monster from downstairs and the mercenaries. Well we chase them round the pub and its all over rather quickly. But it is not over. There are more mercenaries holding some children hostage. The fight goes through the town. Sierka and Paelant end up in the house with the children. Paelant readies as they threaten the children with knives to their necks. Sierka lashes out and kills one of the children. Paelant turns in shock to look at Sierka. And he gets an unexpected response. He is unsure if she deliberately did it. Anyway the others arrive and one more child dies as the mercenaries are taken down. Paelant cannot believe what has happened. Sierka seems to have explained herself. It is unresolved.

We find out stuff and that the vampires are probably up the road near another town. We go to the graveyard and find two women one of whom we think the refugee’s wife, although we forgot to get a description. Anyway Sierka knows how to deal with the bodies so we stake ‘em and burn ‘em. We make our way up the road and encounter some Menonites on the road. We see they a transporting a prisoner. We assume it is the vampire because we expect them to actually be doing their job as cleric church organisation stuff doers. Paelant talks them into giving up their prisoner by proving they are no match for the party. He shows them Elder Tremmel’s sword and gves it to them. They are cowed and give up their prisoner. Captain Red… and Old Cleric dude. They leave and we uncover the prisoner to find that it is an Eladrin Emmisary and she is on her way to see the King of Pharanthia. Anyway we talk to her and stuff. She takes off and continues on her way.

We come to the large mansion and there are rows of defenses set up in front of the house. We make our way down one of the sides and fight ensues. Crossbows bolts of irritating teleportation and an annoying gay vampire with his friends. We defeat them. We find a room with a journal in it and some interesting information about Rolo and the assassination plot agains the old duke of Rolo. We move on upstairs fight more vampires, Drow and Eladrin. The Eladrin has beautiful voice and is draining man while he writes a song. The Eladrin vampire promises to help get rid of the Drow vampire and the Gay Half-Elf vampire. She tells where they are. We find the coffins guarded by some flesh golems who pound a way at Thoradin. The Drow dude comes out to play the fight is not going well. It is our third encounter without a rest. Thoradin is running out of surges. Altais is almost out of healing. Paelant has been holding off the Drow vampire. Velin has been slowly whitling down some of the monsters. Sierka is panicking. The Eladrin vampire turns up weeping about her betrayal. She goes after the Drow vampire and misses repeatedly. Thoradin is on his last toe. Paelant gives him temporary HPs and Paelant moves him out of the way of the remaining flesh golem. Paelant is pulverized into mush by the Flesh Golem, who critically hits him. Thoradin damages the fleeing Drow Vampire who has been bloodied and Velin pew pews magic missiles and Sierka misses a lot. Altais moves though to the coffins and destroys them. The battle ends. They find a dirty redheaded guy half-buried in the room his name is Dante von Delian and he is from Oradea. Anyway we negotiate with the vampiress to help us if help her. We do not close the portal to dark fey.

We make our way back into the house to speak to the owner when outside Dante, who was leaving, encounters a small army of Menonites. He makes his way back to the river part gets into the boat the others arrive and decided to travel together. Brief negotiations the group is travelling together now. The Menonites curse their escape. On the way an argument breaks out between Velin and Altais about the animation of undead creatures. Velin seems to be exploring a hobby that Altais cannot tolerate. Although carrying a vampire around in a sack does not seem much different to Dante. But what does he care it is not his problem other than the fact that he wants to kill the vampire. Better it is not around to destroy more peoples’ live. He is new to this group of people but Thoradin is clearly in charge and what he says goes. Sierka is clearly helping him to come to his decisions. What an interesting group of people. Somehow they have come together and are still talking to each other. Anyway the group finally makes it back to Rolo to continue on whatever they are doing. Velin has sent an animal messenger with news to the refugee man.

Ah yes the funeral of the Old Duke of Rolo.


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