Back in Rolo the old duke has died and the whole city is in mourning. The palace appears to be shut up with the grief. Thoradin insists that we investigate the Black Drake Company immediately. We travel there and make an appointment through the contact in the diary of the Bard from vampire hall. Yes we are still carrying around the Eladrin vampire in a bag of holding. On the way we notice some strange posters that depict the Harletta as a worshipper of Correllon in a negative way. Then we encounter a fight breaking out between some Mennonites and guards of the royal family. In the process Sierka stabs a kill a little boy. Crazy stuff happens. People are running. We go to the nearest inn and fail to keep our discussion private. So that when return for the appointment we are met in a room by a halfling and some guards, who we now know to be dopplegangers. I fight breaks out. We are not going to win this one so we flee. Someone has the bright idea to let the vampire out into a drama company. Remember she loves to get artists to create their greatest works. We escape mostly intact.

We then make our way to the Riverside Dramatics Arts Society. They engage us to sort out the troubles with the Black Drake Theatre Company; in particular we are to deal with Emerus this strange new owner/principal. We then head to New Castle to speak to Harlotta and she is still in grief for her father so she directs us to speak with Linellas in these matters. We go to the Clericy Mennonite place, chapel. Not thinking this through we find ourselves in a confrontation with the Shroud again. Apart from Sierka being targeted and running around trying to avoid being hit we overwhelm the Mennonite forces. We discover that they were being controlled by a Devilish Warlock (Cambrian). We find Linellas and his Cleric friend in a tower. We explain to him what has happened. And he sets us on a path to find the spymaster of Rolo’s court. She may be able to help find out what is happening with the city guard and what is happening in Rolo. We search the Cambrian’s room and find an interesting statue with a riddle on it. Also a portal which we look through and find a connection to the Gold Chai trading company which seems to be infested with Rakshasa. Somehow there is a connection to the Book of Asuras again and the order of Asuras.

We go to the brothel that Linellas has pointed outto us that we may find the spymaster. After some interesting conversations with the employess and we finally speak to the owner and discover that we need to get into the tunnel with a special coin. Generally the group is ill equipped in this kind of thing no one really knows what to do. Anyway we decide to try to use what contacts we know in Rolo. If only Kantalar was still with us. Altais notices something strange as about the posters and we meet a group of street urchins. Thoradin tries his hardest to gain the confidence of them in is dwarven clumsy kind of way. Anyway they shows this paper they have been given. We follow come a building. Sneak in the back and follow the group of urchins being led under the city. We come to a place where a ritual is being performed. If only we had Magic Missile to disrupt the Devilish Cambrian casting the ritual. Going into the arena is dangerous as the Ritual immediately attacks and controls us straight away. We engage in a battle and take down a few of the bad guys. But they withdraw and we are stuck. The battle stops and the ritual is contuing. Thoradin strangely starts tearing at his clothes. The rest of the party is rather confused until they see him trying to stuff large strips of cloth into his ears. The rest of the party figure out what he trying to do and follow suit with smaller more manageable bits of cloth.

We re-engage and start the battle some us almost get controlled again but we manage to disrupt the Emerus Cambrian this time and now the battle begins. It is dangerous and most of the party is captured. Dante and Sierka escape in different directions. Sierka is scrambling over the top of as many children as possible to put them between her and Emerus who is furious. Dante find himself in the tunnel they were looking and he has absolutely no idea what to do in this situation. The phrase ‘fish out of water’ would sum this situation up perfectly. Altais, Thoradin and Velin escape the cart they were being carried in. They are chased and easily defeat their guards. The panicky nature of Altais did not help the situation but again Thoradin compliments this with his ability withstand punishment and deal it at the same time.

Meanwhile Sierka, ponders what she should do and proceeds to go to Harletta and tell her of the situation and it also means she can have bath. Dante on the other hand manages to discover a lot of things in the tunnel that he wishes he could share with his new friends. Somehow he manages to find the spymaster without getting into too much trouble. This is an experience he will never forget and one he does not want to repeat. The dirty and creepy place of thieves and thugs just makes him want to burn it all to clean out the mess these people live in. But he also realizes that perhaps some of them like it this way but he cannot understand why.

Anyway we all gather up again with Linellas who gives us a map of the compound where Emerus is operating from and we embark on a plan to enter the building to deal with the devil. The party is contacted by the assasin who wants his dragon egg back. They decide to give back the egg but Velin throws a full blown tantrum claiming the is egg is his and it is vital for his research. Velin leaves and the party is realizes that he has taken much of the party loot with him. The group decides that it is for the best and just let it him go. So back to the Emerus situation as Thoradin, Altais and Dante scout the location looking for the guards and the best way to get into the back entrance. We decide to get a boat travel the river and get ashore under the walls at night. We make our into the complex and then up into the treasure chamber where figure out the trap and mange to ditrup it long enough to get all the gold out while holding off the bad guys. We manage to find an entrance up in to the tunnel. Dante recongnises the place and Sierka recognizes the thieves’ guild door is above the grate we opened. Here we are with lots of gold and Dante suggests we make a deal with the thieves’ guild get the gold out and we will give them a cut. We are out back at New Castle talking to Linellas when Thoradin feels something happening the City and becomes enraged. Something about an important tree is creating a disturbance in the earth. Any way the final battle ensues, Emerus dies and we get sucked into a portal that takes us to Soren in the middle of a battle about to begin. Thoradin, Altais, Sierka find themselves here but Dante is not with them.


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