The door up the stairs is opened and a guard dragging along a rather sheepish looking adolescent descends. The guard throws the boy into the cell opposite yours. The guard then gestures at the other guard on the stool, “Kol, come up and help with the unloadin’.”

“Hi, I’m Trax. Who are you guys?” You look across and see the boy sticking his hand through the bars of his cell’s gate, as if you could shake it.

“Oh man, I know who you are! You guys did the Duke’s son. Far out! Man, you guys are in deep. What did you have against him anyway?”

He looks sheepish again, but then seems to inextricably perk up, “Oh yeah, got caught on a job for the ”/campaign/kestria/wikis/clinkers" class=“wiki-page-link”>Clinkers."

Trax had aspirations to lead the local thieves guild.


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