He is rather diminutive for a half-elf, with short hair, and silver rimmed spectacles. He is clean and well-kempt, and his clothing looks to be made of silk, or some other expensive weave. A large leather-bound book is open in front of him, and he makes notes in a smaller book with a quill. He seems unconcerned about the maelstrom outside.

“I am on a mission…something very close to my heart. A year ago, nearly to this day, my brother was captured and imprisoned by dark druids. And I don’t just mean an ordinary stone cell type of imprisonment. I mean his soul was wrenched from his battered body and locked within the Shadowfell. Since that evil day I have been questing to find a way of freeing him. My search has led me to here as I have read rumours that the Kaltons were great scholars, and kept many rare and significant books, particularly those dealing with shadow rituals.”

It turns out that Traevus used to be a student of necromancy under Anarus, the lord of Kalton Manor. It seems the Traevus was at least part, if not fully, responsible for Anarus’ death

Traevus lies a lot to cover up his previous misdeeds. One thing he refuses to budge on, however, is his quest to free his brother, Willem, from imprisonment imposed a dark druid cult he refers to as the Acolytes of the Votaries.

Note that Traevus is now dead, killed in the crypt of Anarus. It only needed one Force Orb to bring him down.


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