The duchy of So’ren joined the kingdom as a sovereign entity 100 years ago when Hugor So’ren, an enterprising merchant made two important discoveries; certain rare magical reagents grew particularly well on the slopes overlooking what is now the town of So’ren, and the trees that grow around the river juncture contain wood well-suited to travelling upriver where the water once dissolved the hulls of vessels right from under the feet of sailors.

Hugor quickly established an extremely profitable trade with the Elves and Eladrin from the Deepmist Wilds, bartering the reagents for magical items and crafts he could then on-sell to the aristocracy of the established cities. Hugor’s son, Grethan, went on to establish the town of Trademeet on the edge of Deepmist in order to facilitate more efficient trade with the Fey races. Grethan’s son, Ferenir subsequently formed the Merchant’s Council of Trademeet in order to formalise and codify the trade rules so trade disputes could be fairly adjudicated.

With a population of around 3500, So’ren is now a bustling town of wealthy merchant families, craftsmen, artisans, and other professionals. Many of the merchant families have long-established trading relationships with the Fey races, and there has been much intermarriage between humans and elves, and humans and eladrin. It has an active high society, and is fairly class-conscious (some mingling between the upper and lower classes).

The surrounding areas feature many farming villages primarily to the north among the gently rolling hills where most of the reagent crops are grown. To the south there are communities supporting the lumber industries that feed into housing, and the active boat-building businesses.

The current Duke Lexin, and his family, are very popular amongst the general population. He is a fair and just leader, although also very strict and religious. There is little crime within the town, and no apparent thieves guild activity of any kind.

|A.|House So’ren|
|B.|Eladrin Trader Dwellings|
|C.|Elven Trader Dwellings|
|D.|Human Merchant Houses|
|F.|Temple of Avandra, Pelor, and Erathis|
|G.|Church of Menon|
|I.|“Dockers” Shipbuilders|
|J.|Plaza d’Hugor|
|L.|Aracana Empricum So’ren Chapter|
|M.|Inn of the Greedy Wyrm|
|N.|“Crossblades” So’ren Chapter|
|O.|Fenwell Carter – Scribe|
|P.|Ironstrike So’ren Chapter – Blacksmith’s Guild|
|Q.|Melor’s Last Meal – Tavern|
|R.|Ester’s Enchantments – Magic Goods|
|S.|Dusty Tomes – Book store and binder/copyist|
|T.|Hides and Skins – Leather Goods|
|U.|Duke’s Head Tavern|
|V.|Sturdy’s Mounts – Saddler and mount sales|
|W.|Farseeker’s Inn|
|X.|Merchant’s Council Concourse|


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