A large island in the Sea of Tash between Pharanathia and the Avendi. If you travel south from Tarken or Laureth then you will surely pass through Oradea.

It has had independent sovereignty for many centuries. The island has been ruled by the von Delian family for as long as anyone can remember. Rumours about their history have long since passed in the memories of other nations. The rule of law is stable. The economy fluctuates depending on the trading between other city states. As a port city in the middle of many shipping routes Oradea is a flourishing trading city. The island is big enough to be self sustaining and the agricultural industry is the backbone of the success of the island. All property is owned by the Delian family and families who are related to them. There are farm managers who are from different backgrounds and they get a cut of the profits but they cannot own any land. The same thing happens in the city and towns as the people who run businesses lease from noble families of Oradea. There are outposts all around the island that sustain beacons for passing ships. There are towns of various sizes attached to each outpost. In the east there are barbarian tribes who have been there as long as the Delian family. The relationship between the civilised people and barbaric people has grown into one of mutual respect and generally they leave each other alone. This understanding has been forged in the defence of the Oradea as they have united to fight off the various threats in years gone by.

The worship of gods on Oradea is not really very important. There are temples to most of the gods but the Delian extended family do not actively worship any god. The temples exist because of many visitors and those who have stayed. The only significant worship of any god is amongst the barbarian tribes who mostly worship Sehanine the goddess of the moon (and love). The presence of Menon is not appreciated because his worshippers tend to be argumentative and disrupt the harmony of the main city of Oradea.

Delian Legacy:
Duke Pieter von Delian rules Oradea and his son Claudio is next in line. The Delians are all powerful sorcerers though they do not advertise this fact. They admire the power of the sea and storms. They have an established military structure and are vigilant in maintaining its strength. They usually make decisions to maximise the profit of the whole island. It is rumoured that there is vast wealth stored away for the good of the kingdom and it most likely true. A favourite saying in the Delian household is “do not rock the boat you never know when a storm is coming”. Often times one would say, “do not rock the boat” and then the another would respond, “you never know when a storm is coming”.


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