“The origin of the Hussian order dates back over a thousand years; well before Pharanathia was a twinkle in the eye of Lord Pharan Laureth himself. I assume you’ve heard the story of Erek-Hus and his defeat of Io, the dragon-god.

“In the time of the elder gods, one primordial god, Erek-Hus, sometimes called the King of Terror, fought a terrible battle with the typically arrogant dragon-god, Io. I say typically because, well I don’t know if you’ve ever met a dragon, but they have a tendency towards overconfidence, and…well…utter dismissiveness. Anyway, to cut a long story short. The battle ended when Erek-Hus defeated Io by cleaving him in two with his great adamantine axe, thus creating the two dragon gods we have today, Bahamut, and Tiamat.

“The Hussians work to further what Erek-Hus started. We strive to rid the world of all dragons. They are a menace to all humanoid life. They care not for the devastation they cause to the pawns of their schemes. 500 years before the formation of Pharanathia dragons ruled vast kingdoms across Kestria, and fought apocalyptical battles against each other using their hordes of humanoid slaves.

“What is now known as Kestria was at the time broken up into four of these dragon kingdoms, each ruled by an ancient dragon king or queen. In the south east the blue dragon king Zarkanan ruled. In the west the Black dragon king Malkelus, in the north the white ice-queen Initranix, and in the northeast the golden queen Serapheene.

“Needless to say their terrible oppression sewed the seeds of rebellion, as all such things inevitably do. A number of powerful individuals made a pact to work to free the world. It took them several years to put together a plan that had any chance of succeeding. There is a mountain as high as the sky beyond the Deepmist Wilds called Ky-rhan. It is said that somewhere on that mountain is a castle built by giants centuries before. The heroes tricked the dragons into flying to the castle for a brutal showdown. The dragons fought and inflicted critical wounds upon each other, allowing the heroes to spring their trap. They rendered the dragons helpless and then performed an Imprisonment ritual upon each dragon, forever banishing them to their demiplane prisons.

“The heroes returned home triumphant, but their work was not done. They vowed to rid Kestria of all dragons so that never again would they rise to dominate the humanoid races. They started recruiting more heroes to their cause, and formed the Hussians, named after their spiritual idol, the primordial god Erek-Hus. Over the following decades many Hussians were lost, but ultimately their quest was successful.

“And Kestria has never looked back, its various peoples free to choose their own destinies.

“The Hussians did not disband, though there are far fewer of us than there were then. We remain vigilant to the rise of tyranny in all its forms, which is why we’ve become more active of late. The Laureths wallowed in the complacency of absolute wealth and power. It has corrupted them, as such things corrupt everyone inevitably. We were also complacent. We failed to see that, while dragons are born corrupt, people are also born with their same covetousness that, when fed, leads to the very same corruption. The aristocracy created by the Laureths embodies all that the Hussians fought to free us all from when we eradicated the dragons.

“Now you can see our fears have been confirmed. Look outside and see the fear on people’s faces. Civil war is brewing. The Jodanians have been brought into Pharanathian affairs for only the second time in history. Philius is getting desperate and he looks to turn the screws on his enemies, heedless of the innocents he crushes in the process. Sound familiar? We may have rid Kestria of all dragons, but their spirit lives on in the hearts of the aristocracy.”Leskan


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