Harletta is the sister of Duke Tarquil. She is known for her outspoken views, particularly on that of religious freedom (meaning rejection of the tennets of Menon), and her enthusiastic patronage of the arts. She is a patron of The Riverside Dramatic Arts Society.

Physical Description
A raven haired beauty glides into the room, a warm glows suffusing her ivory cheeks. Her long and straight glossy tresses curl around one shoulder, and the black and silver dress she wears flows about her like a warm summer night’s breeze. Her emerald eyes scan the room, meeting the gaze of every man in the room as if greeting him personally. When her eyes fall upon Sierka, she gives an almost imperceptible sneer, an instant later the intimate smile returning. You notice that she wears a broach made of a large oblong sapphire, set with a diamond star in the centre, the symbol of Corellon.

On Adventurers…
Her eyes smile upon each of the member of Paleant’s crew as they are introduced… except Sierka. “Real adventurers in this castle, and my would-be saviours, my dear brother informs me. It has been a long time. Nothing much exciting happens within these grey walls of late I’m afraid. All the action happens down within the city. Until these last few days that is”. Her face clouds over in anger for a moment.

“Ah, but ever have I wished for the life of an adventurer. The romantic aspects of it, that is. I am definitely not cut out for the less savoury side; all the killing, and the sleeping on the cold, hard ground, and rationed food, and no privy, and no…baths. I admire greatly anyone who can endure all of that, and the stories you must have, yes? I hope you will keep us entertained with your many exciting stories, I should so very much love to hear them.”


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