General Caleth

Royal guard coat of arms

“Please your grace, something is not right here. It does not add up. From the captain’s report these boys were captured far too easily given the nature of the poison that killed your son. And the arrival of General Caleth’s platoon along with the Jodanian squad is too big of a coincidence. Something is going on here that we don’t understand. At least let’s wait until the morning, and if necessary we will torture the information we need out of them.”Uriel

But there is more going on here than you know. As much as it pains me to say, my son’s murder was but the movement of a pawn in a much larger chess game. I am sure Philius, your king,” he says with a slight sneer, “is behind this treachery. He sends his bulldog Caleth expecting me to roll over and expose my belly, but he is dead wrong. Caleth says he came to deliver the message that Philius thinks my whole family is in danger and I need to return to Bloodrose Court. The fool.Duke Lexin So’ren

But I need him to think I am the cur he believes. In exchange for clearing your names, I need you to leave So’ren disguised as me and my family. My wizard will perform the ritual on you that will change your appearance and convince Caleth of my compliance when he witnesses my apparent departure. I have forced him to accept that my own guard should accompany me on the journey. They will of course be accompanying you, but only as far as the river port town of Hanreth. There you will check into the inn known as The Broken Tiller, then leave the following morning. Caleth has men stationed there that will be watching for me to check that I am on my way. The ritual will only last for a full cycle of the sun. You will be leaving today, so you must not tarry for if Caleth’s men do not see me leaving Hanreth, the plan will be in ruin.Duke Lexin So’ren

Standing in front of the Jodanians is a short, but bulky, man in heavy plate armour. He is bald with a black goatee, and a greatsword strapped across his back. He is flanked by two other foot soldiers. As the carriage pulls up he steps forward with a hawkish smile, and opens the carriage door, offering his hand to the Lady So’ren, “M’lady”. – Caleth

General Caleth

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