Felicia is a Vampire Muse, formerly a maiden in the court of Queen Merriwen Lissësúl, was corrupted by the vampire Asarnakai.

Felicia’s story: Felicia was once a maiden in the court of Queen Merriwen Lissësúl; handmaiden to the queen herself. She was gifted of song, and often asked by the queen to sing with the court musicians, known as the Polyendra. The Polyendra is legendary as an elite troupe of performers, producing music that is almost mystical in its effect of all who hear it. Entry into the group is very difficult and is reserved for the most well-trained, elite performers.

The queen’s request that the Polyendra allow Felicia to sing with them offended some members of the group. They were jealous of her raw talent and took the queen’s request as an insult. Consequently, they sought revenge on the young girl. They could not kill her as that would be traced back to them, so instead they sought a curse powerful enough to remain hidden from the queen’s magic.

Through dark arts they made contact with Asarnakai, a drow vampire spy from the group Orbweavers of Dathkori. While out one day in the woods of the Deepmist Wilds Asarnakai approached Felicia. The young Eladrin did not see the vampire for what it was, and was seduced by its charming personality. It lured the girl to a cave where it drugged the girl and conducted the ritual that cursed her, beginning her transformation into a vampire muse.

Felicia was released in a daze, and at first she thought it had all been a dream. She returned to court, seemingly shaking off the disturbing dream, but soon started to notice changes. She started to hate being in the sunlight, where she had always been happiest outside bathing in the sunlight filtering through the tall trees. She started having dark nightmarish dreams, and foul moods during the day. She began to have cravings for blood. At first she would satisfy the cravings by cutting herself and drinking her own blood but this only made her more and more depressed, her cravings getting worse.

She also began to have disturbing thoughts whenever she heard someone signing or playing an instrument. The cravings got worse and she would start to go into a trance where she would start to sing herself, songs of lament that had not been heard before, but conjured dark thoughts in the minds of those who heard. When the queen head these songs she was so disturbed, she asked Felicia not to sing again in her court. The young girl was devastated, and sunk further into her deepening depression.

One day the cravings became too much, and after one recital, she stalked a musician through the halls of he palace, cornering him and then seducing him before trying to feed on him. She was caught in the act and brought before the queen who exiled her. She left the palace in disgrace, keeping to the shadows and completely consumed by her intense cravings. She suspected her dream of the cave in the woods was more than a dream, and sought it out. She found it easily, being drawn to it through the power of its connection to the Feydark. Asarnakai was waiting for her, and he took her as his lover, showing her what she needed to do to satisfy her hunger.


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