Avendi Striders

“You see an Avendi Strider, you run…flat out. Don’t look back. Even then you probably won’t make it. I saw ‘em, but I made it. Stared ’em right down…it can be done. They saw I was not to be messed with. But you guys run. They’ll cut you down before you could choke on a chestnut. They’re real bad news. Nobody in this pissy little kingdom will be able to stand in their way.”Trax

“The bald humanoid that stands wears little more than brown leather straps. Symbols, indiscernible at this distance, mark its skin. In its left hand it hold a long staff.

“Of the other two, one wears a simple black, hooded cloak, the hood pulled back to reveal a shaved head. He sits bolt upright and stock still, seemingly ignoring the conversation. The other wears a green shawl, and also ignores the conversation, instead swaying back and forth in a trance. – Observed by Kantalar outside Fernwell

See Conversation between the Avendi Striders and Uminborthus.

Avendi Striders

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