Sierka Arden

Half-elf Warlock


This pale-skinned, raven-haired half-elf could look quite beautiful if she didn’t stare down her nose all the time.


Sierka of the Trading House of Arden

Sierka was born into luxury as the only child of a well-to-do and powerful trading family in So’ren: the Trading House of Arden.

She was born to two human parents, the Lady Alise and Trader Tomman. To this day she doesn’t know if her mother was raped or was simply unfaithful, and she doesn’t particularly care. Lady Alise was kind and loving towards her while her father was cold and distant. As a fourth generation trader and a member of So’ren’s Trader’s Council, Tomman was very much concerned with propriety. He very rarely acknowledged his bastard child’s existence.

Sierka was 14 when her mother died of illness and her relationship with Tomman worsened. He would beat her and lock her away, but she quickly became skilled at escaping. She was an embarrassment to his name, and she suspects, a constant reminder of the Trader Lord’s impotence.

Less than a year after his wife passed, Trader Tomman formally disowned Sierka, denouncing her claim to the family’s fortune and holdings. With no blood tie to Tomman, and no living member of the family to vouch for her, Sierka was cast out into the streets.

Sierka Arden

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