Survivor of a poverty stricken life in Rolo who did not seem to notice it at the time and also he likes to sing.


Paelant loves to sing. He has been singing since he was a little boy. He loved to hear the songs of the men in the taverns. If he was lucky, when he was out roaming at night, there might even be visiting bard performing in one of the nearby establishments. Most of the patrons had come to know Paelant quite well. Some people had become accustomed to him hanging around near the stage. The barkeeps were unsure what to do with him as they did not want any trouble. Initially, when Paelant started hanging around, some people did not like it. Either they were suspicious of his mother and her lifestyle or it was because he was half-human with pointy ears. But eventually Paelant’s likeability and golden mouth got the better of peoples prejudices.

Paelant grew up with his mother in Rolo. His mother had several jobs over the years along with a variety of men living with her. People have often speculated how Paelant was conceived and most have concluded that his mother must have been working in a brothel at the time. Some Elven trader must have knocked her up was often what people were thinking and occasionally people would whisper as Paelant and his mother would walk together to the markets. Life was not easy for Paelant but his talents made him an accepted member of the community. Paelant survived his chaotic upbringing quite well but as he got older he was less welcome in his mother’s home. He became a hindrance in her affairs. His presence and strength meant that men did not hang around long enough and some were even afraid to come to the house.

One evening his mother was drunk and angry that she was all alone. So she told Paelant a story about his father, that he was an adventurer with big dreams. He was meant to come back and take her away from the city. She was young and naive to believe that he would ever come back. Anyway he is probably dead like most adventurers. In fact one day she saw one of his party in a tavern about 10 years ago. She asked about his father and the man had a sad look on his face did not want to talk about it. They ended up drinking into the night and having a laugh. During that time he said something about what happened to Paelant’s father but she doesn’t remember what he said because she was so drunk. That night Paelant left his mother and Rolo and went to find his way in the world. He ended up in So’ren with his flute and very little else. Since then he has found himself more at home living in this new place. Paelant is beginning to develop a bit of a reputation as singer in the inns of So’ren.

Died destroying the Vampires near Rolo defending the party with his life. He saved his friend Thoradin.


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