Rolo Episode 1

On the Road

18 April 2011
By ? (?)

Day 16


Into Rolo

2 May 2011
By ? (?)

Day 17


Leskin’s Run

16th May 2011
By Velin (Simon)

Day 17 Night

Velin still at home
Party at “Seven Lazy Lads” Tavern

Party hears that Leskin is being held in the highest tower of the Arcane Imperium grounds
Party also hears that Leskin has escaped
Party hears that the Arch Prelate of Menon is dead
Party discusses going to see Lady XXX about Leskin
Velin returns and explains things
Velin offers to go to the Arcane Imperium to see if Leskin is still in the tower
The rest of party go to the castle to see Lady XXX

At the gates of Arcane Imperium Velin is stopped by a man in a brown robe who begs for help and explains that his son is cursed. Velin directs him to the tavern to see Altais. Velin is ignored by those within the Imperium. Velin mage hands one to get attention. Man in red robe talks to Velin and then goes to fetch an official.

Meanwhile rest of party has been stopped at the gate to the castle and told sternly t hat they will not be able to see Lady XXX u8nless that have an appointment and need an appointment to get an appointment, Sierka ruffled

Velin is offered in my old mage XXX who talks his ear off. He attempt to go eat is foiled with kindness, finally during a walk of the grounds Velin steps away and heads to the tower. Velin sees a guard coming out of the tower and in an attempt to be authoritative quickly raises the suspicion of the captain. Velin goes back to old mage XXX and leaves the Imperium frightened and shaken.

Knights ride swiftly past Altais who ignores them. Party meets at tavern, Velin explains what happened.

At the tavern, a friend of (Kantalar?) advises of a new play called "Small Mouse, Big House” to be run in a few nights time. The party suspects that Lady XXX will be there as the play is a cultural tale popular among women, and Leskin may take the opportunity to rescue her. The party makes plans to go to the play.

(Kantalar?) comes up with a plan to weave a subtle message in a story song and sing it at the castle gates in hopes that Leskin will hear and come to them. (Kantalar?) and Boris head of to perform the song and Velin follow bit at a distance. During song a man in a distinct black robe is seen. Party suspects he is Leskin. (Kantalar?)) sings song to pass the message, Velin casts secret messages, party suspects that Leskin has understood and they leave for the tavern hoping that Leskin will come to them soon.

During the night (Kantalar?)) is woken by Ginger Megs (can’t remember actual name) knocking on his door. Ginger advises that he saw a black robed man standing near the dead body of the man in brown robes. (Kantalar?)) begins to doubt whether the black robed man was Leskin and party begin to suspect that Leskin may be bad.

(Kantalar?) goes to the scene and returns with the body of the brown robes farmer. Velin and Boris awaken, Velin becomes more shaken fearing his impending doom of recent events.

Entire party awakens and goes to the house (what house ???) to find Ginger Megs dead in the centre of the floor. A quick search of the bleak house reveals a hidden trap door. Below lay a large well stocked room, the lair of an assassin. Thoradin heads down and immediately sets of an Arcane spy spell. Once down the party uncovers a treasure trove of assassin style weapons and equipment, costumes and papers. They discover what they suspect to be a dragon’s egg in a chest.

The party leaves the house and heads back to the tavern. They are followed by shadowed figures on the rooves. The black robes man appears and reveals himself as not Leskin. The voice of the man is serpentine and his words anger Velin “I killed your father Sarness”. Velin arcs with energy ready to strike him down.

Alley of Blood

30th May 2011
By Velin (Simon)

Day 17 Night continued

Combat erupts as the part attempt to defeat the killer.
Archers fire bolts of death from the surrounding rooves while an arcane wielder curses and marks t he party below. The party finds itself in dire straits as weapons bite flesh and spells ravage the party. The combat is hard and blood flows. Thoradin calls forth his powers but to little end, even Boris and Sierka find it hard to land their spells and their demonic powers go wandering. Kantalar and Sierka are swept aside by the writhing earth controlled by the mage above. Velin launches missile after missile striking the serpentine assassin but he still stands.
At last the combat turns for t he party as the footmen fall quickly followed by the serpentine man as Thoradin’s axe bites deep into his shoulder. Velin silently cries out as he is denied his justice but can not delay as bolts and arcane still rein from the roof.
Sierka blinks and reappears in the form of a common mouse, then Altais follows the same path.
The fate of lives balance on just the swing of a sword.
Then four risers, soldiers of Menon appear n the alley.
“Drop your weapons, you are under arrest for false worship and illegal magic” The party stand ready in defense but unsure of the soldier’s attention.
“Calim’s crew stand down” the lead soldier orders and at once the archers and mage cease their assault.
Carried by the front riders, each one a large sack binding a body. The captain draw’s back the hood to reveal Palant’s mother, and the other reveals XXX. The captain draws a thin bladed knife and threatens it to the throat of the badly beaten woman.
The entire party stands shocked each one unsure how to react. “Drop your weapons” the captain again shouts.
“Why do you have her” Kantalar asks.
Palant begins a skill song to aid him on negotiation.
“I have papers, I am registered Mage citizen” Velin states handing the axeman , a soldier that has stepped forward, but in horror the papers are torn to shreds and he watches them float to the cobblestones.
Palant’s song grown desperate as the blade at his mother’s throat draws a thin red line.
“Here have my weapons” Velin throws his staff to the feet of the capatain but is met only by the arching blade of the axeman. The weapon cuts short of skin but renders his cloak. Velin already broken and bleeding from the previous fight fears for his life, he unleashes a barrage of missile that he had held in his breath.
Combat erupts once more and it is quickly clear that the snipers above are with the soldiers. Blade and axe erupt from the two dismounted soldiers and the two read still saddled surge their horses. Thoradin unleashed his axe and calls forth the frozen wrath of his faith. Sierka no longer a mouse leaps from the roof to startle the unmanned horses but falls to the cold stones. Boris charges Thoradin with demonic power and both fire and ice nor dance from the battle angry dwarf. Velin’s mind is clouded and the only arcane that bursts forth is the trusted missiles he has come to master. Kantalar takes residence in the shadows of the buildings and quickly circles to flank the soldiers but they are cunning.
The seconds fly no faster than the turning seasons and each blow is counted in pain and blood. The soldiers come to know the wrath of the fellows and quickly fall to death. The two mounted men ride their horsed in panic and trample Sierka. Altais forgoes healing to draw his divine justice down on the fleeing men to prevent them calling more guards.
The scene slows as the last of the combatants fall to their knees and finally to the stones of the road. The alley lay dark and gloomy what little light dares disturb the raging adventurers does so with the tint of red..

Into the Murk

13th June 2011
By Velin (Simon)

Day 17 Night continued

We stood among bodies and blood. The cold of the moonless night stinging the sweat that ran from our brow and shivering our bodies as our chests heaved and our muscles ached. For barely two minutes the battle lit up the dark and silent street. Searing holy radiance, distracting flares, demon fire, flashing missiles, primordial violence, earth shattering thunderclaps. Short, sharp, explosive. Broken and torn bodies splayed about the street. With the chaos still ringing in his ears, Boris sat himself upon the dragon’s-egg chest, looking around at his battered companions.
Silence has barely returned to the night when a nearby front door swung open with a creak that cut through the momentary reprieve. A silhouette skipped down the front steps of the house, hearts skipped a beat in terrified wonder at what manner of horror this may be. It came into the glow of the streetlamp, wild hair and a grotesquely painted visage, its arms flailing like the tentacles of an Otyugh.
“Fantasitcas! What a spectacle! Such a resounding riposte to the Shroud’s wicked thrust through the heart of freedom. At last folk with the yolk sacs to stand up to Heiranon’s brutes. I saw it all, what the craven muck-spawn did to that poor woman in the bag. At last true heroes like the stalwarts of old; bold action that spits in the face of tyranny.
“In moments this place will be crawling with more of those blonde haired vermin. They will scour this street, and wring information out every poor soul on the block. I don’t need to tell you to be scarcer than laughs at a Bayern poetry slam night.
“Oh, but how rude of me…sorry, manners deserted me in all the excitement. Before you stands Gregoire Marseille of the Riverside Dramatic Arts Society.” He bows with an amusingly extended flourish. “So enormously pleased to meet such fine young champions. And by what dashing name does your crew fly?”
We looked among ourselves in statement and wonder, we’d never been asked that before.
“Palant’s Crew” Sierka offered more as a question than an answer. Palant nodded a silent approval.
“Well then you have entertained this fanciful heart”
“Can you help us to hide?” Palant asked.
“Most certainly, I may not aspire to the bravery of heroes like yourself but I do what I can when it is asked.”
“Ok then, where do we go?” Boris asked as he gestured down the street where the thundering hooves of horses and marching armor could be heard.
“Head to XXX street in XXX district. Look for the Silk Serenade, across the street is the house of XXX, tell him I sent you and he will aid you.”
“What can he do for us” Velin queried. “Who’s he to you?”
A redness came over his face, enough that it shone through the thick gaudy makeup.
Sierka worked it out, “They’re companions”
“What” Altais was puzzled.
“They’re gay!” Velin sounded, a little too loud and a little to bold, after all he wasn’t known for his wisdom.
A flourishing bow and a pearl smile saw the colourful gentleman step back into the shadows.
“We we’d best be going” Sierka offered.

The streets were cold and dark and every corner and alley were potential danger. Our jittery crew made their way quietly. The guards would come looking for us and were unlikely to stop. We were in trouble and needed help. We entered the XXX District and found the Silk Serenade. Across the street stood a humble home, white plastered walls and chimney stack. Lace curtains lines the windows and flowers filled the pots in the window.
Palant knocked on the door but only silence followed.
“Knock again” Altais offered.
“We don’t want to wake everyone” Palant responded.
Sierka knocked, the impulsiveness and impatience of her sorcery saw to it.
Footsteps and shuffling responded, within a minute the door creaked open just a sliver.
“Who’s that?” The mumbled sleepy voice offered.
“XXX sent us, he said you could help” said Palant.
“Where is he” the door mumbled back.
“We got into a fight with the city guard and he saw it. After he came to us and offered help, he said to come here.” Palant explained.
“Either that or you’ve rung this location from his dying corpse”
“We did not” Velin impatiently responded.
“Please we really need your help,” the feminine side of Sierka appeared.
“Shut up down there,” a voice sounded into the street.

XXX tells the party of a group of abandoned houses that they could hide in
• Party hides in one
• A guard patrol comes looking “Told you he’s not here”
• Party finds entrance into sewers
• Party is attacked by Ottygus

Finding our way to New Castle

28th June 2011
By Paleant (Simon)

So after a long discussion about tactics the party decided to charge in and destroy the wererat and ratlings. Initially it looked like they were going to run but the sight and smell of Thoradin’s personal cloud drew them into battle. He was quickly surrounded and Velin brought down a pillar of fire upon some of them. The party was picking the rattish creatures apart when their boss arrived to say that “they more important things to do” and were told to escape the encounter. After they were gone we discovered the plan to ambush a theatre production. Velin made a copy of the plan. A long and protracted discussion began about going back to kill the beholder and get his loot but the wisdom of Altais prevailed. We left the room in a northerly direction. We came to a side tunnel and began to explore while Thoradin was explaining something about northerly directions but no one could understand his highly intelligent thoughts. So we explored the side tunnel and the mighty Thoradin lifted the trap door with a bolder on it. We found it came to a storeroom in the ‘Highside Tavern’. Anyway, it finally dawned the rest of the party what Thoradin was trying to explain earlier. And we proceeded through the tunnel going in a northerly direction. We eventually arrived in a cave which was outside the city of Rolo and near to ‘New Castle’.

The party walked up to the Duke’s castle and spoke to his guard seeing the Magistrate. Paleant made gatehouse guard very friendly and then the Magistrate very friendly, convinced and helpful with our evidence. Velin succeeded in giving the magistrate a drink in a goblet. We were brought immediately before the uke because of the serious nature of the charges regarding the contract to kill his sister the Lady Harle(not an ‘o’)tta. He was convinced and then in burst Warden Jaryn demanding to be part of the court as his right as part of the Shroud of Hierenon. Jaryn was trying to intimidate Duke Tarquil but Paleant succeeded in forcing him to back down. This gave Lineas (prelate of Menon) the room to suggest that Jaryn could stay as long as he is quiet. Thoradin asks about the health of the Archprelate. Altais had some questions and points about details. Jaryn did continue to try to intimidate Duke Tarquil but failed as the balance of power had shifted toward prelate Lineas. Duke Tarquil tells his guards to arrest Jaryn and instead he tryies to leave the room the way he came in. Velin casts Ice Rays to stop Jaryn from leaving. Immediately Lineas stops Velin in his tracks. Paleant steps in and bluffs Lineas into believing that Velin is an authorised user of magic as he is wearing the appropriate ring on his finger. Jaryn is arrested and Kantalar touches him swearing in his mind to catch up with sometime in the future.

Duke Tarquil arranges for the party to stay in the castle and to join him for dinner later. Paleant also asks to speak with Lineas later. The servants if we would like any refreshments and Thoradin calls for beer (and pretzels) and Altais smiles in anticipation of the revelry to come. Most the male party members enjoy using the bath (Paleant, Kantalar and Thoradin together with Altais (and much beer). Sierka goes to her room after being washed, buffed and polished by Velin’s Prestigitation hence known as being prestigitated. Paleant has suggested a safety knock for Sierka to come back into the larger bedroom when needed and along with a few others asks for his Armor and cleaned while they freshen up. Boris has set his imp to spy on the hallway with the room that is guarded to imprison poor poor Jaryn. Kantalar’s GPS is working.

Duke Tarquil comes to visit and offer his apologies for his lack of leadership qualities. Kantalar knocks on the door between rooms and Sierka comes into the room. We discuss the Tarquil’s father’s vegetative condition after being pricked by a poison dart. Enquiries are made about his sister Harle(not an ‘o’)tta and it seems she is the one with her father’s leadership qualities. (There was some other interesting points made but I cannot remember what they are). Altais the details man begins to assess the condition of the old Duke.

Prelate Lineas comes to visit us in the room and we talk about stuff…

Altais , Sierka and Paleant go off to the dinner and Elder Tremmel is coming down the hallway in a big hurry to go and see Jaryn. Sierka’s big poofffy dress blocks most of the hallway. This forces Paleant to confront Elder Tremmel after he knocks back the servants who are begging him to stop and… Meanwhile back at the room Boris misses his imp, Kantalar is concerned about his friends because you never split the party and Thoradin is drunk/relaxed… So Paleant refuses to move out of the way and is concerned about the servants well being. Elder Tremmel threatens and eventually brings our his dirty underwhelming greatsword and sticks in Paleants face who laughs it off nonchalantly. Elder Tremmel threatens to lop his head off when all of a sudden a poofffy dress starts to get in his way. Distracted by the size of the dress Elder Tremmel’s sword becomes let threatening. It is at this moment that guards start coming from all sides. Then the voice of prelate Lineas bursts forth and while he talking he gesticulates that Sierka followed by Altais and Paleant should make their way to the dining hall.

Finally, the time for dinner has arrived and Linellas informs us of the protocol for the occasion. The other guests arrive and then the Lady Harle(not an ‘o’)tta and then the Duke Tarquil so we all stand and bow before the handwringer. Elder Tremmel is late and rude. Paleant asks him about his sword. Sierka embarks on a quest to impress the Harle(not an ‘o’)tta. Paelant is very appreciative of Harle(not an ‘o’)tta’s broach representing the Correlon God of magic and other cool stuff. Paleant shares some dark stories of adventure and magic i.e. Morganna, Avendi and the Baby White Dragon.
Meanwhile… Boris, Thoradin and Kantalar are hanging around when all of a sudden an assasin, Juan Ki’reth, appears with a knife to Boris’ throat. He teleports away only for the Minute-man (swirly tattoo neck thinghy) to shift and immobilise him. “If you move he is dead”, Kantalar decides not to move and Thoradin moves and swings to pulverise the annoying man but the Minute-man quickly moves away from the attack. The Minute-man says he only wanted to talk to us. And then Kantalar moves in to attack and miss. Kantalar’s Urgrosh ends up on the balcony. The assassin reveals that he clearly superior to all of the three of these lowly adventurers combined. The assassin leaves his knife on the table and says that if one of them does not kill Harle(not an ‘o’)tta he will hunt each one of us down and kill us all. The Minute-man leaves and the Boris picks up the knife to examine it and finds that it is ordinary but poisoned. Kantalar looks at Thoradin who declares, “we cannot kill her”.
Elder Tremmel tries to talk about court business at the dinner table. 
Paleant and Sierka provoke him a little. Altais engages Renallo the old Duke’s physician in conversation along with his wife Toula and the other nobles. He gathers as many details about the old Duke’s catatonic state and enquires about the source of poison and if it could be magical. Meanwhile Sierka talks with Harle(not an ‘o’)tta about stuff and then Paleant talks about stuff and Lesken. The Lady informs us that Lesken was trying to get financial support for the Hussians not necessarily the enjoyment of his company. She knows people at the Arcanum who will help us to get into see Lesken if we can get her there. Prelate Linellas declares that the Lady Harle(not an ‘o’)tta is no longer under house arrest.

So the dinner moves into the parlour for games of chance, discussion and more revelry. Thoradin comes bursting in with news from upstairs and promptly settles into a game of chance and wins some more gold. Paelant tells the story of Velin’s family injustice. Afterwards Paelant invites Linellas to meet with the party upstairs. Sierka goes off with her new mentor the Lady Harletta to her rooms for some girl talk. She returns to the group and Kantalar confronts Linellas with some concerns that he has and everybody gets agitated. Paelant smoothes the way and eventually we come to a consensus about how to proceed next. A rider is seen leaving the castle taking some news somewhere presumably to Elder Tremmel.

The party decides to visit Lesken in the University and the Lady Harletta and Linellas agree to come along for the ride. So the next morning we ride off to see the crazy monk. On the way we spot the presence of Elder Tremmel and his righteous force of Menon. Paelant secures Linellas’ blind eye to the possible arcane power to be used in the battle against Elder Tremmel. The party decides to sneak around them. Thoradin uses his bird-calling skills to avoid detection from the guards and we slip by them unnoticed.

We make it to the Arcanum and Lady Harletta uses her influence to get us into to see Lesken. It is all very humourous as Lesken freed from the things that have bound him as his pants dance with excitement after being freed. There is the contemplation of breaking him out there and then but the look on Sierka’s face puts a stop to any such shenanigans. So eventually it seems that the decision is we must get rid of the Elder Tremmel and that will unravel the bindings on Lesken and the party.

So we get on our horses and ride hard to find that Elder Tremmel and his force are on their way to the castle rather slowly. We surprise them and crush them with Boris shredding them to pieces with his otherworldy presence. Kantalar holds of a third of the force while the others take down the rest. Velin keeps everything under control. Altais heals everybody. Paelant moves everyone into the most effective tactical positions. Thoradin defends Altais admirably. Sierka hovers approvingly. The fight is epic and we win.

There is much celebration that night at the Castle. Lesken is freed, the Assasins are paid off, Rolo is no longer oppressed, the Lady Harletta is generous and we must decide what to do next. A rider has brought news that evening about Dragons threatening Hanreth. We decide to go after the Dragons and to find Tabiel. Next morning we collect our stuff and make our way to Hanreth through almost blizzard-like conditions as there seems to be an enormous magical weather event in the area. We fight and defeat some forces of nature which attack us. Sierka seems to know something we do not.


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