Hanreth,Defeating the White Dragon

Blizzard Badness

We make it to Hanreth and look for the threatened children and find locked up in the Temple. We make our way there and warn the people. It takes some doing but when the Dragons arrive we manage to get two thirds of the people into the tombs for safety. Freddy the Skelly comes into the Temple and creates chaos. We rush outside to fight the Dragons. We fight, defeat and almost kill the white dragon (Initrixyl?). The big Chaos Dragon Umunborthos comes down to help after fighting Lesken for most of the time. Eventually the Dragons leave thoroughly humiliated.

We make our way to the lair north of Fernwell but we make a slight detour to visit the Dwarves. We fail to find them and are attacked by the white dragon (Initrixyl?) along the way. Anyway we make our way Fernwell finding Sniverly from the Shadowfell along the way. He is near death and we heal him. We take his stuff as he searches for that book that someone is looking for. Velin lets him go surreptitiously after he was bound. Paelant says let us continue on our way to the lair worry about Sniverly later. We find Leskens pants. We make camp. We do not find Lesken so we decided to continue on to the Dragon’s Lair. We make our own path. We get avalanched. We survive but are fatigued. We make our way into an entrance with traps and side passages. We solve the puzzle of the Dragon’s name due to Thoradin’s brilliant intuition because it is certainly nothing to do with his intelligence. We are devoured into the darkness and crawl into room. We make our way to a throne room. Sierka has to put the crown on. She disappears and Altais looks for secret doors. He finds a door behind the throne. In there is another room with big double-door that has a cube shaped lock. We still cannot find Sierka. Boris tries the crown on and nothing happens. Boris jams the crown into the cube shaped space and disappears and Paelant does the same. They find themselves naked outside the entrance. They go back inside and back to the party. Velin asks if they found Sierka. So they jam the crown back in the cub-lock and look for signs but being naked it is really cold. Thoradin, Altais and Velin make it back to the entrance and Paelant points the way she went. Velin pulls some clothes out of his bag oholding and Boris and Paelant gratefully put them on. Thoradin rescues the naked Sierka and covers her with his cloak. The party attempts to rest in one of the rooms. Boris fails to notice a large worm slurping on Velin. Eventually he does and the worm is obliterated by Thoradin. Boris and Paelant feel rather inadequate without their stuff. Sierka is still dangerously close to death and needs rest.

We finally get the rest we need and then head back through the dragon door. From the dirty slave sleeping room we make we search out find the various passages. We find a map that describes a ‘pit of despair’. We find a large clay key and inside something is rattling so Paelant smashes the clay key on the ground. We find a pink portal that does the same thing as the crown. Eventually we find the cube (many faces) key which opens the door and we enter into a room full of carvings of dragon battles. The floor is covered in fog which comes out of hole in the floor and above it is a bubble thing containing monster parts forming into some kind of monster. We search; eventually Paelant finds a switch on the ceiling. A door opens to passage way which leads to another door which has a small intricate lock mechanism. While Sierka figured out how to manipulate the lock Velin could no unravel the magical part of the lock. We go searching for another key. We see a carving with a kobold using the key to open the lock. We find the key. Our fingers are to big. Thoradin is curious about the size of the bubble and goes back to touch it and becomes smaller. He has a plan to carry the bubble to the door so someone can make themselve’s smaller. Yes he drops it and we end fighting the monstrous mishmash thingy. We defeat it and do not want to do that again. Paelant tries the arcane lock and succeeds. Open the door to look at pile of treasure. Paelant disbelieves the illusion of the treasure. Anyway we find a wand. There are instructions. We use the wand on the pink portal. We are thru and we then have a big fight with some Black Puddings. Velin Magic Missiles them all to death, one bit at a time. We have not been able to find our stuff. But we find door down into the valley/chasm.

We get to a kobold nest get up the fountain eventually. We find the white dragon (again again) and a long conversation begins. Inistryxl tells us about the Avendi and the Chaos Dragon Umunborthos and the deal that was struck. Kobolds are helping the dragon. Then something weird happens purple tendrils of help us defeat Initryxl. The weird stuff has something to do with Sierka. The blizzard is gone. We still cannot find our missing equipment. So we go back to the trappy mazey place. We tink hard and use the wand and the map to the Pit of Despair. We find it has no air in there and it is dark. We collect our equipement and then get out of there. On our way out of there we find Leskin in some kind of out of body stasis type thinghy. We carry him off back to Hanreth.

On our way back to Hanreth we see the Avendi performing somekind of ritual. We did not figure out what they were doing until later. We charge in and proceed to destroy this evil menace. We get our arses kicked. Velin tries his best to taunt them into not killing us so we rescue him. We lose Leskin as the Avendi leave us to run away. Why did they not kill us we will never know. We walk into Hanreth. Apparently we are not welcome. Guards take us to see some dude. We convince him that we are heroes but his hands are tied so we have to leave. He tells us that there is trouble in Rolo. The Old Duke is about to die and state funreal is planned. We go to Pug’s mug to rest before we leave. Paleant gets bumped. Back to Rolo we go.


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